SWTOR Stats Guide – Best Stats for Players

swtor guideStats in SWTOR are a source of confusion for many players, but it does not need to be that way. All stats in SWTOR operate under a simple system even though it may not seem like that. In our SWTOR Stats guide, we are going to clear that up for you so you know exactly what each stat type does in Star Wars The Old Republic.

Each class in the game has its own preferred stat. For Jedi Knights and Sith Warriors this is strength. For Troopers and Bounty Hunters this is Aim. For Jedi Consulars and Sith Inquisitors this is Willpower. For Smugglers and Imperial Agents this is Cunning.

When it comes to these primary stats, the class mentioned above tends to benefit from these stats more than with any other class.

What I mean by this is that the Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior gets melee bonus damage as well as force power bonus damage from Strength, whereas every other class only gets melee bonus damage. The Trooper gets Tech Bonus damage from Aim in addition to the ranged weapon damage bonus that every other class receives.

As a result, you want to focus entirely on maxing out your main stat rather than worrying about anything else. In addition to your main stat of course you will need to get a lot of endurance to increase your max HP. You do not want to have too little HP otherwise you will die very easily in all aspects of the game.

In other MMORPGs, your total health is not really important because you tend to not take very much damage. In SWTOR, that is a lot different, as in PvP and in PvE you will have to take a lot of damage based on the way encounters are designed. No matter what your class or class role is, you will want to get plenty of HP in order to increase your strength.

In addition to HP and your primary stat, you will want to max out your power and crit ratings. These stats increase the effectiveness of your attacks and the critical hit chance of your abilities. Both of these stats increase the effectiveness of both of your ability types, so you do not have to worry about whether these stats are for casters or other classes as they work for classes of all types regardless of what type of damage your particular class uses.

Reasons to Buy an Induction Cooktop

Induction cooking is revolutionizing the way people are cooking in kitchens around the world. This is a new type of cooktop which can cook extremely quickly and efficiently without any wasted energy.

induction cooktop reviewsIn fact, on average, an induction cooktop uses 20% of the heat that an electric stove would use to cook the same food or boil the same pot of water. It also uses 60% of the power that a gas stove would use to cook that same amount of food or water.

Speaking of boiling water, the induction cooktop is great at this task. In fact, it is able to boil water much faster than any other type of cooking which makes it perfect for those who want to make tea on a regular basis. No other cooking surface can come close to the speed at which an induction cooktop is able to boil water. You can boil a pot of water with an induction cooktop in literally just a few minutes. You could wait 15 minutes on an electric cooktop or 6 minutes on a gas stove for that same sort of cooking power than an induction cooktop can delivery you in just 2 or 3 minutes.

Furthermore, the induction cooktop keeps your house cool. Other cooktops produce heat and heat the pan directly, which then indirectly transfers the heat over to your food. This means that the pan is the intermediary and the pan cooks your food. The induction cooktop on the other hand actually heats whatever is inside of the pan, rather than heating the pan itself. While the pan does get hot, the food inside the pan gets hot at a much faster rate. This also means that the heat is contained within the pan and not going out into the air to heat up your house. This makes induction cooking great for those who live in warm weather states and are tired of their cooking making the house too hot.

Recognizing H Pylori Symptoms

h pylori symptomsIf you have ever heard of H pylori, you know that this is the bacterium which causes stomach ulcers as well as a variety of stomach problems. It causes pain and discomfort and can lead to consequences if left untreated for a long time.

However, the real problem with recognizing H pylori symptoms is that these symptoms are extremely difficult to recognize. They tend to be so mild that most people never even know anything is wrong with them until they end up with a stomach ulcer or happen to get tested for the bacteria.

The easiest way to recognize H pylori is actually to look at things aside from symptoms. If you have ever travelled abroad to a non-industrialized nation, odds are you picked up H pylori while you were there. Additionally, if anyone in your immediate family has H pylori, odds are you have H pylori too.

As a result, a few months after travelling overseas, you want to get tested for H pylori. If anyone in your family comes down with H pylori, you should get tested for it as well.

If you can stop H pylori as soon as you get it, you are going to be a lot less likely to develop a stomach ulcer. Additionally, an nearly infection will be much easier to stop than an infection which has been going on for awhile.

One of the major problems with H pylori is that the infection can last a lifetime, and many times it is present for years before it is ever recognized. This can lead to a lot of problems because once bacteria has had a lot of time to make itself at home it is very hard to defeat. This is one of the reasons why you need to get tested a few months after treatment to make sure your H pylori symptoms will not just come back in the future.

Acid Reflux Diet for Reduced Symptoms

Acid Reflux plagues many people around the world on a daily basis, but it can be significantly reduced with the right Acid Reflux Diet. However, this is easier said than done as many people love to eat regardless of whether or not they get acid reflux, and they do not understand what things they need to cut out of their diet in order to improve their heartburn symptoms.

The first thing you need to do in order to improve your acid reflux diet is to cut out alcohol. Alcohol leads to GERD in nearly everyone who consumes it if you drink enough of it. I know this is painful for a lot of people to hear but you really need to stop drinking it if you want to get rid of your acid reflux and experience long-term relief from your heartburn symptoms.

The next thing you need to do to relieve your heartburn is to cut out all your trouble foods. These tend to be the best tasting foods like chocolate and tomatoes. After all if something tastes good it is probably not that good for you.

Another weird thing to remove on your acid reflux diet plan is any mint related item. Mints of all sorts tend to cause heartburn. The thing many people do not realize is that this includes everything from mint chocolate to toothpaste or mouthwash. Many people significantly reduce their acid reflux simply by switching toothpaste brands to something that is baking soda based rather than mint based.

Finally, the last thing you want to do is reduce your total intake of food. This can help you lose weight which will also improve any heartburn symptoms you may be experiencing. Weight loss is the quickest and easiest way to help reduce your heartburn so that you can feel better.

The Best SWTOR Leveling Tips Ever

SWTOR Leveling TipsIn this article, you will discover the best SWTOR leveling tips you can use to speed up leveling times and hit the level cap in no time at all!

The first tip I have for you is to ignore most quests in the game. The fact is that most quests just are not that great for leveling up. They take a long time to complete and the experience point reward for completing them is just not worth the effort.

At the same time though, it is not as if grinding off enemies is a very fast way of leveling up either. Not only is that slow, but it is also boring as well.

Instead, you should focus on the daily quests which are easy to complete yet seem to provide a ridiculous amount of experience points. For example, the PvP daily quest usually provides a good 12,000-13,000 experience points for players that are level 20, but a normal quest only provides about 5,000 experience points as a reward.

You also have to consider that each warzone provides a good 10,000 experience points for winning at that level range and it is very easy to see that you can get done a lot more with a daily PvP quest when it comes to leveling up than you can with regular quests.

Additionally, the Space Combat quests are also a very good source of experience points. Consider players that are in the level 25 range again. You can complete two space combat missions for the daily quest and earn 2600 experience points for each one as well as getting 8600 for completing the daily quest. This results in 12,500 experience points for completing two 5 minute missions. This is practically 65,000 experience points per hour and normal game play through the quests cannot provide this type of experience point reward.

Finally, consider running the fastest instances in the game for the daily quest. Athiss is very fast and good for the dialy quest, whereas instances like Black Talon and The Esseles are kind of slow and should be ignored if possible.

SWTOR Jedi Knight Advanced Classes

SWTOR Jedi KnightThe SWTOR Jedi Knight is one of four starting classes for Republic Players in Star Wars The Old Republic. However, by level 10, players will have to select whether an advanced class which completely changes the way the class works.

The first advanced class is the Guardian. The Guardian is a great tanking class and can absorb tons of damage. It is actually decent in PvP as well, since you can shield flag carriers (splits damage between you and the flag carrier) as well as deal a decent amount of damage.

The Guardian uses a single lightsaber and gets a shield which you can use in the off-hand slot. The shield really reduces the amount of damage you take as a Jedi Guardian. I think you can also use a Focus in there if you just want to max out your stats and do more damage at the cost of defense, but I think you will really regret not using the shield given how much good it does for you in both PvE and PvP.

The Guardian can specialize in tanking or damage, but you will want to put some points in the tanking tree at least to get some of the basic abilities. These are useful even in PvP since you get bonus commendations and experience points for using your defense abilities in PvP. This is a great way to earn extra bonuses and top the leaderboards in PvP.

The other SWTOR Jedi Knight specialization available to players is the Sentinel. The Sentinel dual-wields lightsabers and specializes in dealing damage. They are able to deal more damage than the Jedi Guardian but also take noticeably more damage and do not have defensive talents. The Sentinel is also kind of a pain to get PvP commendations with since it cannot guard other players and it also cannot heal. Most players can get two sets of commendations but the Sentinel is stuck with only one. This slows down its PvP progress and makes it practically impossible to top the leaderboards with.

The Sentinel is a good class for those who want to deal melee damage and have no interest in any other role. However, after playing multiple classes, I cannot think that the Sentinel just does not have enough advantages for me to really like it over the Guardian or Imperial Agent. It does well with good gear, but so does every class really.

A Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Guide

The Demon Hunter is one of the five classes that you can pick in the new PC game known as Diablo 3. This particular class is a combination of the Assassin and Amazon from the game’s predecessor, known as Diablo 2.

diablo 3 demon hunter guideIn this Diablo 3 Demon Hunter guide, we will be revealing the top strategies for players who want to pick this class. The first thing you need to know about the Demon Hunter is its abilities and how they work. There are two types of abilities: hatred spenders and hatred generators.

Your hatred generators are your basic moves and tend to be pretty plain damage-dealing attacks. They usually do not have special effects, only hit a few enemies (or only one) and do not use that much damage. You use these attacks to generate hatred to power your more powerful attacks.

Hatred spenders are where the powerful moves come into play. For example, the classic Amazon Multi-shot ability reappears as a Demon Hunter hatred spender; by using 30 hatred (generated by a few hatred-generating attacks), you can use a Multi-shot attack. However, you can hold up to 100 hatred and the most expensive spenders typically only cost 30-45 hatred. This way you can bank up a big store of Hatred and then use it to burst down your enemies.

The downside to this is that you will not be able to use multi-shot over and over again like you were able to in diablo 2. This is a bit disappointing as this was one of my favorite aspects of D2. The Amazon was such as great class and it was a nice ability to use for farming for PvP builds and alts.

Regardless, there are also two types of weapons you can use as a Demon Hunter. You can dual-wield 1-handed bows, which is the Demon Hunter’s special weapon, or you can use more powerful crossbows and 2-handed bows just like in Diablo 2. The difference between the two is that the 1-handed crossbow is able to generate hatred twice as fast (if not faster) than the more powerful bows, and of course the downside is that you deal less damage.

How to Invest in the Stock Market

If you are thinking about learning how to invest in the stock market, you are in luck. In this article, we will be revealing some of the top tips you can use to invest in the stock market as well as some tips for minimizing risk. No matter what you do, there is still some risk in investing in stocks, including losing money, so know that before you go in. Never invest all of your money into the stock market.

The first step in investing in the stock market is buying actual stock itself. This may seem sort of obvious, but a lot of people just randomly buy into stock without actually planning it out. You can reduce your risk in buying into a stock by splitting out your original purchase amount over 3 months. Using a stock broking site, figure out how much you want to buy, and then split that into three amounts. Buy it over three months. This way, you do not get burned if the stock market randomly crashes in the time after you buy a stock. You do not want to accidentally buy a stock on its high only to have it drop so low the next day that it will take forever to actually start earning a profit on it. You can protect yourself here by buying the stock that way.

On other alternative to investing in stocks is investing in silver. There are a lot of strategies on how to invest in silver. You can buy it directly from a dealer or get silver from BullionVault. They let you get silver directly and store it off-site so you can save money on storage fees.

However, before you even get to that part, you need to buy the right stock. It is hard to figure out exactly what stocks are the right one which is why investing in the stock market is so tricky. In general, the idea is to find companies who are not only going to grow steadily but also grow more than expected. Stocks are not priced on the company’s current size but rather its predicted future size. If you buy into a company that is expected to lose money and they actually end up turning a meager profit, you can make a lot of money as the stock price will then go up quite a bit. On the other hand, if you buy into a stock of a company which is expected to do well and then the company does well, you are not going to see much gains there (if any at all).

Buying stock and investing intelligently is a complicated process, but it can be made easier if you use the resources available to you on the internet.